One Rainbow Souls

Is a new born movement standing on a Twin Foundation, one is Spirituality and one is Activism. It came to be for the purpose of promoting Secular and Spiritual Truth (knowledge) and Wisdom, so to ultimately contribute in helping in Humanity’s transaction in to a higher state of consciousness, transcending the animal instinct ego based behavior, and therefore awaken the dormant Soul and it’s innate faculties, so to become Aware of its potentials, and from there act and behave from the Heart/Soul prospective, so to manifest inner and outer Balance & Harmony in us and on the Planet, to ultimately Ascend to a higher state of consciousness and Oneness in Soul and Spirit, and furthermore make the Planet a Sphere of Beauty and Harmonious Living .

The symbol of One Rainbow Souls that is very simply been named “One”, was created in Assisi Italy, while i was living there for a while, with an Indian Dominican Monk Anthony Elenjiimittam, who was also a Buddhist Monk, who was a Disciple of Gandhi and i was there for a Spiritual retreat and I had some kind of a Spiritual experience of inner heightened Awareness and it was in that state of heightened awareness that the Symbol was given to me in an inner vision. At first it was drawn by hand with a pencil and pastels, and it really felt that it was coming from above, that during the next years, i drew it on the computer.