The  Symbol of One Rainbow Souls represents primarily all together Balance  & Harmony, but also Unity, Oneness, Love, Spiritual Awakening, and  resurrection of the Soul.  The base triangle below, represents the  Tridimensional reality we 

and in it, are represented the 4 Natural elements  (Earth-Water-Air-Fire) The 3 Natural Kingdoms (Mineral-Vegetable-Animal)  the 4 main Human races (Black-Red-Yellow-White) converging into One.  Plus, in the base Triangle, the orange circle of the Fire represents  also the Sun; the Blue circle represents the Planet Earth; The smaller  Silver circle represents the Moon, and the smallest circle represents  Humanity as One. The upper part Above of the Symbol is also a triangle  (opposite to the triangle Below) with on the top of it an arch, the  Rainbow Arch that represents Unity, Unity of Heaven and Earth, and Unity  of the dual Twin Energetic forces  (Positive/negative-Male/Female-Kundalini-Caduceus) that we are  constituted of, that come together and Unite in One. 

The Heart  represents the Divine Highest One, (Male/Female Mother/Father Divinity  in One) and therefore also represents the Divine Love, and it’s like a  Seal on top of where the Male triangle Below, (earth/Matter-Sacred  Masculine Energy) meets the Female Triangle Above,  (Heaven/Soul/Spirit-Sacred Feminine) are United in One, “As in Heaven so  on Earth-As Above so Below”. Also the Symbol from top to bottom, it  Symbolizes a Human Body and Soul, standing up with the legs spread out  as to indicate balance, with one foot on the water (Spirit) and one foot  on the earth (matter) which are United into the Heart Seal of the  Highest One; Above, the Human figure has his arms raised up, forming an  Arch, the Rainbow Arch, of Unity. 

 The Face of this figure, is  represented by the Yellow circle, which it also represents the Sun and  the enlightenment of the Mind-Consciousness. The Black Moon Above the  Yellow Sun, represents the Subconscious Mind, the Shadow side of a Human  and also the Sacred Feminine where Wisdom resides, which is being  dormant and wants to be re-awakened and acknowledged which is also as  the Wisdom of the Soul, waiting to be Awakened. All of this things  related to the Black Moon, plus the Triangle above with the arch, represents the Uterus, the Womb of Life, (as in the egyptian Ankh) the feminine attributes, which are attributes associated to the Celestial  Divine Mother who Birthed the Light the Sun and Son,

 who becomes her Equal counterpart and therefore becomes the Father of Creation togheter with the Mother, who in other words is the Bride,  of the Divine Father (Light/Sun) with which is United in Oneness, (as in  the Heart Symbol) to form the Highest One, the Supreme One, which Christ -Buddha – Mitrha – Horus – Krishna – Attis, etc. have attained (Oneness duality Male/Female Soul in One) while on Earth and therefore attaining the  Christ like consciousness, therefore resurrecting the Soul in Oneness  with the Spirit of the Supreme One; which is more or less the same  concept of resurrection, derived from other more ancient similar  concept, as that of Horus, Mithra, Krishna, Attis etc. and this concept  of Oneness, is also related to the fact that the Soul, 

as composed of  both Male and Female attributes, (Created in the image of the Highest  One) when it comes to incarnate in the dual (duality) Sphere of life, it  separates in two Bodies, of Male and Female, (which have come to be  known as Twin Flames) and the Ultimate goal of this two half Souls, is  to overcome this separation through Knowing them Selves (with Truth/knowledge  & Wisdom) and re-unite again (at a Core inner level) to form again  One whole Soul as in its original state (as in the garden of Eden)  created in the image of the Highest One (male & female). Therefore  the resurrection concept, is the resurrection of the  One Soul,  by which returns to the  Oneness of the Soul. Even Oneness with the Divine  Spirit, the Highest One.

 Therefore the Crucifixion  through which Horus and  Christ – Attis – Krishna etc. went through, is an allegory of what today is  called “Death of the Ego”, or as in alchemy, the transmutation of lead,  (Ego attachment to the 7 Deadly Sins) in Gold, (awakening the innate  soul Dormant Faculties) The death of the ego is not really a death for the Ego, but a  process of transformation, which it means to let go of the attachment to  our dis-functional behaviors related to the so called 7 deadly sins,  which in turn make us fall, (as in the original Sin) from a Divine state of  consciousness of Grace and unity of the Soul and Spirit, and therefore  we enter in a dormant state of consciousness, and we forget the way of  rectitude;

 therefore we become ignorant of who we are and ignorant of  the dormant knowledge and Wisdom within us, which has the Power to  awaken us again and return us in a State of perfection and purity and  unity of our divided Soul, who will eventually re-unite inward, with its  other half and also with the Spirit, of the Highest One. The Cruxifiction on the Cross is not only an allegory of the alchemical death of the ego, but at the end of this gradual Ego death, there is there the resurrection of the Soul which consists of the re-Union of the two parts of the soul, in One, One as in the image of the Supreme one (Male/Female-Mother/Father-Yin/Yang). The Symbol of the Cross, is an Ancient pre-Christian Symbol that represents the unity and integration of the two Polarities Positive/negative (âśś) therefore represents the inner re-union of the two parts or halves of the Soul in One, in the image of the Supreme One.

It is Sin, (as  in the original sin) viewed as an unnatural behavior that causes  unbalance in us, that gave birth to separation and duality of Soul, in which Ego  out of ignorance has taken us to, creating unbalance within therefore  separation of our soul; and therefore now we have to give away our  attachments to the so called seven Deadly Sins, so to, not to kill our  ego, but put him/her (ego) on the Cross, and Sacrifice that, so to  purify, him/her, from the seven deadly Sin, and therefore resurrect in  Balance, Harmony and Oneness with the soul and the Highest one again,  and therefore the Light and dark, the purified Ego and Soul, the two  twin Flames which are created in the image of the Highest One, 

will  become One again, in balance and Harmony with each other as it is  symbolized very simply in the Symbol of the Tao, which basically  represents the Unity of the two energetic forces and parts in us, in  Balance with each other. Some examples in movies that also represent an  allegory of this inner conflict between the dual aspect of our-self,  between the Ego (the Beast, ignorant/sinful Egocentric Beast) and the  Soul is for example, “The Beauty and the Beast, which is transformed in a  Beast, through the constant Egoistic and love less actions, and  therefore through the enactment of a sinful behavior and therefore the  enactment of the seven deadly sins. Then is only when the Beast Dies  (the death of the seven deadly sins) in the end of the movie, 

that he  may resurrect and be transformed again through his purity of behavior,  giving up his attachment to the seven deadly sins, that he can return to  re-unite with his Soul, “La Bella”, and therefore remain in balance  with her and therefore also manifest out in the world, a reflection of  their inner state of Love and balance, that their heart desires,  therefore rising their consciousness and helping rising the  consciousness of other’s as well, to a higher Dimension, to which  Humanity is moving toward to, at this times of tribulations, where  they/we have to surge  to a higher energetic vibration, and where  they/we have to purify our-selves, of the Ego attachment of the seven  deadly sins, or attachment to the sinful behaviors, that causes us to  remain compartmentalized in mind heart and soul, and therefore separated  from our Twin Flame, and from the Divine Spirit, the Spirit of Love,  the Highest One.